Limerick Narwhals are a group of swimming enthusiasts that swim all year round in Limerick city and county. We compete at National and International ice swimming competitions. This is swimming in water below 5 degrees celsius. We also compete in pool competitions. This group began out of the Christmas day swim in Corbally baths.

We formed in 2016 and have grown every since, we are very proud of our 50/50 male/female membership as of February 2020. We actively encourage our female members to lead in sessions as well as running the program. We also run the Island swim in Limerick.

One question we get asked a lot is where did the name narwhal come from?

Well our name came from the Narwhal, a unicorn type whale, the Jedi of the sea or a unicorn of the sea, that live in the ice waters and can dive to over 1800m in one go. It was given to us by a member Brian Dillion.

And Please check out the narwhals song on youtube :-)


John Ryan


John Ryan is a world bronze medallist in ice swimming and swam in the 2017 and 2019 world championships

Mark Dempsey


Mark Dempsey swam in the 2019 ice swimming world championships

Pearse Ryan


Pearse Ryan swam for Ireland at the 2017 world ice swimming champion-ships


Male: Mark Hannigan

Female: Rosie Foley