Honorary Members

Pat Lysaght, Pat is the man that you will see on the river every day of the week, at any time of the day, he knows the river like the back of his hand. He is a guy you can ask any question about and with his soft spoken voice he will smile and tell you what he knows. Ever helpful to our cause and any cause on the river he has been awarded by the limerick council, but we know that his Honorary Membership of the Limerick Narwhals is the one he cherishes most.

Brendan Kennedy, Brendan can be seen at any event whether its a swim, run, triathlon, rugby game, anything. He is the first person there and the last to leave, We know this first hand. At Christmas day Brendan would have been there hours beforehand to clean out the area were we swim and have a kettle boiling somewhere. Brendan was awarded honorary membership on Christmas Day, a fitting time. He is at the island each year and likes to make sure the last guy get in so if you feel like you are not fast enough don't worry we have Brendan.