Alan Gleeson

Hi my name’s Alan Gleeson

Many years ago I had this great idea, I would go for a little swim, then hop on a bike and finish off with a quick jog ………If only it were that simple, as it turned into competing in an Iron Man race, which I’m proud to say I completed. Fast forward to now and I recently completed an “Ice Mile”. As a result, I’ve now joined a fairly exclusive band of brothers and sisters, of which there are only 30 members worldwide, who have completed both an Iron Man and Ice Mile. There is much to be said about physical preparation, which in itself is demanding, but what I’ve discovered during this time is the mental preparation and how it is so important to have mind and body aligned. The mental resilience is strengthened by training with a great group of people i.e. Limerick Narwhales who are there to support each other when the going gets tough (and the water gets even colder)