Brian Dillion

Can you remember Christmas Day 2010 ,that was the day the ground was white with snow and temperatures where as low as minus 18 deg C in Limerick and on that day we restarted the Christmas Day Swim . That was the start for me and have enjoyed winter swimming ever since . Water finds it’s own level so it was over the next few seasons you’d start to hear of people stepping it up .” Sure Brownie swims in Kilkee everyday of the year since he was a young fella “ when you hear that it helps you to realise how wide spread winter swimming is . It’s Great for the body and the Soul. You're encouraged in the Limerick Narwhals to firstly be safe and swim within your limits far you want to take it is up to you . Give it a try I’d say the world that opens to you is just brilliant and whilst that’s amazing the friends you will meet makes the journey infinitely better.

Brian Dillon