Mark Hannigan

I started Ice swimming back in 2015 and was immediately drawn to the challenge of this sport. Not only did I find it challenging but exhilarating also. We coined the phrase “The cold water giggles” to describe the euphoric feeling we all experience after a swim. The combination of adrenalin and endorphins produce this natural high which explains our overenthusiastic love for this sport. I think the Limerick Narwhals have broken the taboo that outdoor swimming is strictly a summer sport. Swimming across the big bay in Kilkee in December (or any other winter month) is one of the bonuses of acclimatising yourself to cold water or as Pearse puts it, cooler water. Having Banoffi pie in the Diamond rocks is the real reward. My favourite swim of the year is the Island swim, originally started by John Ryan and now run by Mark Dempsey. A challenging but highly rewarding swim that I truly love participating in each year. I would encourage people to acclimatise themselves to cold water as it is good for the mind, body and soul!